Safety ZERO in on SAFETY

Safety at Work

Our “GOAL ZERO” Safety culture is centered around our commitment to Zero injuries and Zero incidents.

Terry Industries Inc. is recognized by our customers and our industry for excellent manufacturing and construction practices that put us above the rest. We want to be recognized for our safe operations, proven safety programs, and technical innovations. Becoming an incident-free, injury-free workplace requires more than programs, policies and technology-it requires a company-wide culture and personal commitment from every employee to put safety into the forefront of their thinking. At Terry Industries Inc., we ask every employee to make that commitment to themselves, their co-workers and their families.

That’s the message of “GOAL ZERO”, a company-wide initiative that establishes a safety target for SCI employees. We are aiming for ZERO – ZERO incidents and ZERO injuries. This is a philosophy we follow on a daily basis and integrate into every work practice. Every employee from top management to our newest employee understands their responsibility and will be accountable to work safely and promote safety at all times.

Dedicated to safety

At Terry Industries Inc., safety has always been fundamental to who we are, and that will never change. It’s an area in which we strive to lead our industry. That’s why we concentrate on educating our employees on the best ways to prevent accidents and stay out of harm’s way. Our company-wide health policy is underscored by the five values we believe are most critical to promoting safety:

  • Leadership commitment
  • Employee involvement
  • Hazard recognition
  • Training
  • Work-site analysis/auditing