The Terry Asphalt Materials lab has been accredited by the AASHTO resource accreditation program since 2001.  This strict process of accreditation gives our customers peace of mind when it comes to our testing and results reporting knowing that our laboratory adheres to the standards set forth by AASHTO and ASTM.  In order to retain our accreditation status we must undergo a rigorous assessment every couple of years as well as participate in multiple proficiency sample programs throughout the year.

Our lab is staffed by nationally certified technicians capable of running a full performance grade verification and certification on all of our asphalts and we also certify our asphalt emulsions in house.  We are also capable of doing all types of microsurfacing designs. All materials are tested and certified prior to shipping to ensure the best quality.  We also have a pilot mill in the laboratory so each year our new materials are compatibility tested prior to manufacturing on a larger scale.  This fine-tuning allows for a seamless start up to each construction season.

Field Services

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